• Referenced by: MoC, MoCState

  • References/uses: Math, SafeMath, MoCBase, DocToken, MoCState, MoCExchange, MoCBProxManager, MoC

  • Inherits from: MoCBase

This contract handles settlement logic and stores redeem request collection. It uses both lastProcessedBlock and blockSpan to periodically allow one execution.

  • State:

    • Last Processed Block: Block Number of the last successful execution uint256 internal lastProcessedBlock;

    • Block Span: Set by configuration, min number of blocks settlement should be re-evaluated on, this should be adjusted according network mining rate to hit the target time uint256 internal blockSpan;

    • Redeem request collection: tracks accounts with active redeem request for next settlement

struct RedeemRequest {
  address who;
  uint256 amount;
RedeemRequest[] private redeemQueue;
uint256 private numElements = 0;

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