On Liquidation State: redeemAllDoc

function redeemAllDoc() public

Allows redeeming on liquidation state, user DOCs get burned, and the user receives the equivalent RBTCs according to the liquidation price which is the relation between the DOCs total supply and the amount of RBTC available to distribute. The liquidation price can be queried with the view getLiquidationPrice() of the contract MocState. If sending RBTC fails then the system does not burn the DOC tokens.

Parameters of the operation

Gas limit and gas price

These two values are a parameter of the transaction, this is not used in the contract and is generally managed by your wallet (you should read about them if you are developing and do not know exactly what they are), but you should take them into account when trying to redeem some DOCs.

Possible failures

This operation may fail if one of the following scenarios occurs:

The MoC contract is not liquidated:

This operation can only be performed if the system is liquidated. If the MoC contract is in any other state then it fails and returns the following message: Function cannot be called at this state.

To know if the contract is liquidated you can ask the MocState for the state, this will return a 0 if liquidated (it is actually an enum).

Not enough gas:

If the gas limit sent is not enough to run all the code needed to execute the transaction, the transaction will revert (again, returning all your funds except the fee paid to the network). This may return an "out of gas" error or simply a "revert" error because of the usage of the proxy pattern.

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