Getting BPros

In this tutorial we will show you how to get BitPro tokens.

The BitPro, as you may already know, is an ERC20 token.(If you didn't, and you don't know what is exactly an ERC20 token here is a full explanation of it). ​ This means that most wallets like Nifty and MetaMask can handle them if you tell them to (MetaMask tutorial on how to do it, Nifty is very similar to it so you should follow that link too if you are using the latter). ​ That BitPro is an ERC20 Token also means that any user that has already some tokens can trade them to you in exchange for a service or for another token. ​ But in some circumstances you may not find such a user. In those cases, you may be happy to know that you can create them(or mint them, as it is usually said) using the Smart Contracts. ​

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