Main Contract
Contracts architecture
MoC system is a network of cooperative contracts working together to ultimately provide an US dollar pegged ERC20 Token (DoC). In this sense, be can categorize then into 4 categories:
    MoC state Contracts: They keep MoC state variables and logic (MoC, MoCState, MoCBucketContainer, MoCSettlement)
    MoC pure logic Contracts & Libraries: Functional extensions of the above merely to have responsibility separation and contracts size (aka deploy fee) low. (MoCHelperLib, MoCLibConnection, MoCConverter, MoCExchange, MoCConnector, MoCBProxManager, MoCInrate, MoCWhitelist, MoCBase)
    Tokens: Tokens backed by the system (OwnerBurnableToken, DocToken, BProToken, MoCToken)
    External Dependencies: External contracts the system relies on, in this case the Oracle or price provider; this could evolved independently of MoC system as along as the interface is maintained. (PriceProvider)
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